Practice Areas

Our major services are but not limited to these listed out here

Financial and Banking

All kinds of minor and major financial disputes arising from funding, loans, claims, compensation and similar other matters are one of the areas of our expertise. Our lawyers at Al Balooshi & Al Marashda Advocates and Legal Consultants significant experience in representing in these cases. Financial Institutions, companies, investment banks, fund managers or high net worth individuals – we will be able to represent your interests with utmost sincerity and accurately backed by our resources and years of experience.

Real Estate and Rental

UAE is pioneering its development arena. Major land development projects are ongoing in various parts of the country. With EXPO2020 approaching, these activities have increased many folds.

These economic growth comes at the risk of real estate and land development conflicts. Our firm has extensive experience in protecting the rights and interests of parties involved in these real estate deals. Contracting, Completion, Administration, Dispute Resolution, Government Regulations and all other elements shall be in safe and risk free under our watch.

Intellectual Property and Copyrights

Our intellectual property practice is focused on resolving disputes raised between colleagues or defending our clients in cases of a potential infringement. Our experience and knowledge in the subject matter ensures that counterfeiters and copiers of your brand are taken to task under respective courts.

Our lawyers handling these chases have strong experience in prosecution and commercial arbitration. We can allocate the best resources and talent to safeguard your intellectual property.


We represent all kinds of criminal cases of our client. Crimes under the UAE Penal Code are divided into three categories depending on the seriousness of the punishment that may be applied: contraventions (violations), misdemeanor, and felonies (the most serious). All three having various ranges of punishments if proved guilty.

Our lawyers have years of experience as criminal investigators prior to law career in Dubai Police department that enables and equips us to deal with out client’s case with utmost care and complete knowhow.

We represent all nationalities in situations of being accused by a crime such as but not limited to theft, fraud, assault and crimes against women and children.


Our firm deals with insurance cases from insurance company perspective and from insurance holder perspective. Defending our clients in personal injury, medical malpractice and various other aspect of insurance involvement is our specialty. Apart from medical insurance we also have hands on experience in dealing with auto insurance, property insurance, money insurance, transit insurance, fire and allied perils insurance and so on.

Our lawyers study the case in depth and suggest amicable solutions which may be a lawsuit or other legal measures of dispute resolution.


Family matters when in dispute requires a diligent lawyer to handle the case keeping the communication open in both sides and often finding a productive solution for the future co-parenting.

Divorce, Child Custody, succession, inheritance and so on any kind of family dispute cases are expertly conducted by our lawyers at Al Balooshi & Al Marashda Advocates & Legal Consultants.

Tried and tested for our abilities to resolve family disputes amicably, we ensure that we will have full concern of the damages it could cause to the family relationships and at the same time represent our client to the fullest of our ability and expertise.


Civil cases are the most common one an individual or establishment come across on the daily course of business. In these cases the court suggests different measures of dispute resolution before taking over the case using various committees which in fact is the advisable solution than a lengthy and expensive lawsuit.

Al Balooshi & Al Marashda’s team of lawyers and legal counsels have the experience and procedural know how to advise our clients - plaintiff or defendant the best amicable solution available at our disposal within the boundaries of law. Filing the case, court appearances, appeal and all other stages of the lawsuit will be taken care by our firm all the while keeping the client informed and educated in each of these stages.


UAE is a hub for business. Hence we have people from all over the work coming here seeking employment. The employer-employee relationship and associated conflicts fall under the labour law of UAE. Work timings, compensation, gratuity, termination, discipline, benefits and other employment related conflicts are investigated and resolved by labour laws. We are extensively experienced in handling labour cases.

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