We offer world class counsel to our clients

Our firm works on three fundamental principles

These are the foundational ideologies that has led to establishment of this firm. And we strive to conduct business upholding the same. It will remain our vision and guide.

Integrity of Profession

Obedience to law exemplifies respect for law.

Transparency of Transactions

100% visibility is our policy.

Respect in Relationship

Respect is trust and honesty with clients.

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Why Choose Us

We have a team of best professional lawyers in town who can cater to client's needs in English or Arabic alike. Our superior knowledge, regional exposure and access to world class technology and facility gives us the best chance to win for you.
We believe and understand that every client has a unique story and so every case has unique approach. While walking in through our office door, we promise you that you will get our full attention regardless of any other factors.
Among our team we have extensive legal experience. Our team has been carefully picked for their exposure into various sectors of law. Understanding and finding precedent is important in a case to drive its victory. And we do that efficiently with our combined work experience.

The Team


Yousuf Al Balooshi

Lawyer - Founding Partner

Hassan Al Marashda

Lawyer - Founding Partner


Amani Ejami

Senior legal Counsel

Ulyaa Hussain AlHelo


Elmukashfi Mohamed

Legal Counsel

Abdullah Albalushi


Khalid Abbas Khalid

Legal Counsel

Ali Kabol Faghiri

Legal Counsel

Koshy Thomas

Senior Legal Consultant

Ali Bin Yousuf Bin Hassan Al Balooshi


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